Welcome to The University of America- a World- class, Registered, Licensed, Accredited and Chartered University with a high reputation.

Mission and Vision

Institutional Foundation Philosophy.

Vision statement

We shall strive to stand out as one (excellent university) out of many universities in our pursuit of excellence- E pluribus Universitatibus, Una !

Our vision is to create an Equal Access to quality Higher Education for All. We shall offer a top notch all- rounded university education from Judeo-Christian perspectives.

UA mission statement

“The University of America is an institution of higher learning that has as its purpose the offering of programs of study in an environment where academic excellence is emphasized and a sound ethics maintained. We are committed to enriching our students spiritually, intellectually, and professionally, and to prepare them to serve God and man in a global and culturally diverse society.”

Our Service

  • Online Examination (OE)
  • Instructor Evaluation System (IES)
  • Stakeholder Training
  • Learning Management System Administration (LMS)
  • R-Classes
  • e-Course Development
  • Online Live Classes
  • Video Library

Our Objective

Purpose and Objectives

By Purpose and Objectives, we mean a list of the institutional objectives which are consistent with the institution’s mission statements.

Institutional Objectives

In fulfilment of its mission, The University of America is committed to: Become a licensed, accredited & chartered global university with a high reputation for academic, scientific and moral excellence Become The university at the fore- front of educational Technology and unbridled access to quality and affordable universal college education

To assist every determined students of every state and nation to obtain an American education that is second to none with our Ivy-league Massive Online Lectures from Award-wining professors.

To be a classical university with decades of unflinching high reputation for quality education and lofty ideals. To be an international university at the fore-front of academic and scientific research for mankind better of future.

Constant self-regulation and Quality Assurance and periodic External Peer- Review

The University of America is represented accurately and honestly to students, the public, and to the Quality Assurance Agencies as to its Accreditation status (Applicant, Candidate, Accredited, Warning, Probation, or Show Cause) and is accurately presented in all publications and communications including the web-site.

The University of America is committed to:

  • a. Honest and open communication with the Quality Assurance Agencies.
  • b. Undertaking the Quality Assurance review process with seriousness and candour.
  • c. Abiding by policies and procedures, including all substantive change policies, Statement of ethical values and standards adopted by the UA that is: a. ethically based. b. Approved by the governing board and c. periodically assessed.

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